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    Welcome! Read this New Members Empty Welcome! Read this New Members

    Post  DubFanahtic on Mon Jan 02, 2012 6:51 pm

    Welcome! We like to Noob around, we like to race and mess with each other, and we DON'T like normal people -.-. (lul)

    Read Everything Below


    We don't want:
    • Wiseguys
      People who say noob owned and are disrespectful
      People who act like kids, but kids who act mature as awesome
      Racists (zero...)
      Cheaters (This especially, any sign of cheating is permanent ban)

    We Want:

    • Respect for everyone
      Respect especially towards female


    In order to join this crew, you must first at least be level 35 and then apply. Once reviewed for testing, you will race against 3 leaders/co-leaders. After racing with each of them, they will give you either a yes or a no, and if the majority of the testers agree on yes, you will be admitted and given a new member status.

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