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    Registering? Empty Registering?

    Post  DubFanahtic on Mon Jan 02, 2012 7:07 pm

    Registration is easy!

    1.Click the "register" link at the top of the page

    2. Create your name as you would like it to be viewed by other members.

    3. Some members have had problems with their names/ accounts being taken already. First check your email sometimes there is a confirmation letter.


    1.Don't use something obvious like "marcsucksdrewsdick" or "123456" or your NFSW password for your password.

    2.If you get hacked on NFSW then we're not responsible.

    3.If you post something obscene in the forums and we IP ban you from ever having anything to do with X-Tuned again then that is your fault.

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